Be The Bee

Waggle Lab is an interdisciplinary research oriented academic startup, located in Trivandrum, India. With a clear focus on popularizing futuristic technologies, training students and young entrepreneurs to use it effectively and helping the society leverage its true potential, Waggle Lab aims to develop learning and networking solutions based on social constructivism. Inspired from honey bees, we consider ourselves as positive social agents facilitating the creation, evaluation, modification and sharing of knowledge. Our hive is ever expanding to accommodate individuals, organizations and communities offering them support and space for collaboration and growth.

Know Hive

KnowHive aims to connect academics, startups, corporate and government entities as well as tech enthusiasts and helps to explore new technologies, validate their innovative ideas, obtain feedback and improvise, which in turn benefit the whole community.

Hello Kazhakootam

A business listing directory and a networking platform for business owners, aggregators as well as end-users, Hello Kazhakootam has redesigned marketing in and around Kazhakootam with a strong team of passionate contributors.

Content Bee

Creating selling content that truly speaks your brand's style is not an easy task. With a strong team of dedicated content writers and strategists, we invest our time and effort to learn the core values of your brand and then create content just like you would do it.


A large number of students fail miserably to understand the importance of their first internship. And even when they do, they are left clueless about what needs to be done to get the perfect internship that can lead to a dream job. InterNSPIRE helps and inspires students to tackle these problems.

DigiBee Digital Solutions

A solid digital strategy is crucial for the success of your business nowadays. Our team of expert digital marketers will makes sure that your brand is visible to the market and your messages are clear. We will help you take control of your digital presence and emerge as a market leader.

Find The Dream Career

FindTheDreamCareer aims to provide insights about Career Choices, Career Tips, Higher Education Opportunities, Job Openings, Personality Development and study tips. We help you to choose your career, motivate you to be the best and inspires you to follow your dreams and be happy forever.

Envisioning A Bright Future

Waggle Lab is a research oriented academic startup that focuses on Futuristic Technologies. We bring together our expertise in Machine Learning and Data Analytics to develop learning platforms based on Social Constructivism, combining the power of Social Networks and the traditional academic process.

Our Team

In a world of networks, whoever we interact with becomes a part of Waggle Lab. But, it all starts from these three.

Prem Sankar C

Noufal S

Jefin Jo Thomas