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Waggle Lab is a research oriented academic startup that focuses on Futuristic Technologies. We bring together our expertise in Machine Learning and Data Analytics to develop learning platforms based on Social Constructivism, combining the power of Social Networks and Instructional Designing.


Waggle Lab believes in and promotes interdisciplinary research. We aim to create a research knowledge platform which serves as a pre-incubator where futuristic and interdisciplinary research results can be converted into successful products or services. We will help students and research scholars with innovative ideas to develop them with proper guidance and investment support.

60:40 Rule

We challenge ourselves at work every day by creating products and delivering services that carries the right vibe for our customers. We promote and practice a work culture where individual creativity is respected and nurtured. Our 60:40 Rule allows employees to work on ideas that interest them along with the work we provide. This make sure that our employees are happy at the end of the day, which results in better productivity.